Thursday, June 24, 2010

Peaceful morning

I'm thankful to God for the wonderful peaceful morning I had today. I got outside at 5:15. It was still a wee bit dark, but not too dark to journal or read. Such a wonderful place to sit, under the canopy, with the green garden all around me and the birds singing. How God has blessed us with this home!

Thank God for my friend's life. She struggles so much and almost died a few days because she couldn't bear her life anymore. But you God sent a lady, an angel, to speak to her and to remind her that there are people who love her. And I do so love her. She feels like she's a bad person, and yet I know her to be so good and kind. Thank you, God, that I can be there for her as she works through her depression. I'm thankful for her faith in you and how we can talk together about your love.

Thank you, God, for another friend, L, who just emailed to let me know she's thinking of me and praying for me. She pointed me to Isaiah 61, asking me if I had read that lately. I will have to do that. So precious to have friends who will share like that with me.

Tomorrow we have a Living Room meeting. We'll talk about our tendency to worry - our tendency to forget about God's presence. How can we stay close to God and trust Him so that we don't need to worry so much? We'll look to God together.

The photo? Another little taste of the Greek islands for you. It's fun to share.

Thankful Thursday is hosted by iris. You might want to visit her and visit the links to others' expressions of gratitude.

Hope you all have a happy, peaceful day as you work and play.


More Than Conquerors said...

Hi Marja,

So glad you can join us at Thankful Thursday today. Praise God for blessing you with such a wonderful peaceful morning with Him. I treasure such time too. You do have such a lovely home! Glad you were able to walk with your friend through her depression. It's wonderful that God is using you to comfort her and it surely means a lot to her. May God bless you and all at Living Room. The topic is so important for our Christian life.

The photo is lovely :) Btw, I noticed that you forgot to put your link and your name on Iris' Mr Linky and so I just added it for you. This way others can come around and read your TT post. Thanks for your visit and encouragement. Take care and have a blessed weekend.


marja said...

Hi Nancie,

Thank you for posting my link. I tried this morning but Mr Linky was out of commission temporarily. Then I forgot to try again.

Thanks for visiting, Nancie. I pray for a blessed weekend for you as well - a peace-filled weekend.

Love, marja

Denise said...

Praying for your friend, may God heal her from depression. Bless you for being there for her.

marja said...

Thank you for praying for my friend, Denise. Please continue. I went to see her tonight and her condition has worsened. If she could only believe that healing is possible. If she would only not be so terribly discouraged.

I pray that my friend will feel God's presence and find peace in Him.