Friday, June 18, 2010

Thankful on Friday

Just before going on holidays I agreed with my friend Nancie from More than Conquerors that I would try to take part in Thankful Thursdays - something many are doing - setting apart one day each week to truly focus on all I'm thankful for.

Now I'm back, and I've already missed a Thursday. That's because I was too busy doing something I'm thankful for to even think of blogging. So this week I will post my gratitude on Friday, one day late. Better than not at all, eh?

What I'm really thankful for is that God created us to be creative people. I've received such joy from doing photography again and I know it's something I mustn't let go. Yesterday I worked almost non-stop, preparing my pictures to show on a digital frame. I was selecting, cropping, adjusting, and re-sizing. I was so happy to see that there were a lot more good ones than I thought I'd have. I've still got it in me.

I like reading in Genesis how God created the earth and everything in it. I like reading how He saw "that it was good." And what joy that must have given Him. If creating a few images gives me joy, imagine how great His joy must have been!

I attributed my good mood while we were in Greece to the bright sunlight and to not having any stresses to worry about. But when I think of it, I think a lot of it was also the focusing on photography that made me feel so well. And I can see how I mustn't let it go so long again.

I want to photograph children again. I really need to set aside some time to do that. My play-time - my non-mental-health-work time.

I will continue posting some of the pictures I took in Greece. Simply because it's fun to share. What's the good of doing all that work if I'm going to hide it, eh?

The above picture is a street in one of the villages we visited. There was so much wonderful texture in the walls - so much old stuff. And many many cats.

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Denise said...

Such sweet blessings, love the picture.

More Than Conquerors said...

Dear Marja,

So glad you managed to join us to give thanks to God. Sorry I missed this post as I have been very busy recently and just managed to come by.

The photo is very nice just like those that you have posted. Do continue to share with us your photos. You truly is a very gifted photographer!

I am so thankful too that God created us to be creative people as I too received such joy from doing photography. I just posted some photos of the Beach that I went to recently. It so wonderful to be out at God's creations and remember what a Great God we serve! Take care and have a blessed week.

Love and prayers,

marja said...

Hi Denise,

Thank you very much for stopping by.


marja said...


Yes, I need to stop by your blog as well. I haven't been visiting others in the way I should and I'm sorry for that. I need to set aside time the way you do to just go and see how other people are doing.

You take care too, eh?

Love - marja