Friday, April 30, 2010

Bookmark joys

Yesterday Nancie from More Than Conquerors posted some images of bookmarks she had made. We are good friends and have so much in common that I find amazing. She's a photographer and likes to make bookmarks as well. Making bookmarks gives me such joy that, although I haven't done a lot of photography for a while, I now feel like going back to it - just so I'll have some fresh images with which to make bookmarks...and calendars as well.

One of Nancie's bookmarks really spoke to me, so I decided to make one as well, using my own design. Hope you don't mind, Nancie.

My moods keep going up and down. But having creative work to do gives me great joy, especially if I can use it to remind people of God's love for them.

Here is the bookmark I designed today. I hope the words speak to you as they spoke to me this morning.


More Than Conquerors said...

Dear Marja,

Wow, your bookmark is so beautiful! I am glad you like these wordings. They are truly very encouraging and comforting. I am sure they will be a blessing to those who received them from you!

I too find that creative works give me much joy. We sure have lots of things in common :)

Creativity is a gift and a blessing from bipolar. I try to use these energy productively to serve God and the people around me, and share something of God's love and goodness with them. It helps me to find comfort that God perhaps has this mission in mind for me when He gives me bipolar. The awful high and low, helps me to know Him in very real and personal ways, and enable me to share Him through words and pictures, and bring Him across in very vivid ways to others. I feel privileged to be used by God despite my many sins, weaknesses and failures. And for this reason, I am learning to be thankful to our Heavenly Father Who knows all things and deserved our praise and honour through all the changing scenes in life.

You are a very dear sister-in-Christ. And I thank God for causing our paths to cross in such a wonderful way through our blogs. Though we are separated by seas and mountains, you are always close to my heart. Thanks for being my friend. Take care and may God shower His love and blessings upon you daily in His many wonderful ways.

With love in Christ
and prayers,

marja said...

Hi Nancie,

I thank God too for helping me find a friend in you.

You're a good example to me - being such a thankful person. I think I am too, but perhaps I should write a post giving thanks each week, as you do. Truly focus on the thankfulness, no matter where I might be emotionally. Every time I do thank God for something it does me amazing good.

I am so thankful, as you are, for the gifts of creativity God has given me. Such joy they bring me! Those bookmarks especially give me such joy, especially when I can share them with people.

And yes, I probably wouldn't be as creative if I weren't bipolar. I need to thank God for ALL my moods. The words on that bookmark probably wouldn't speak to me as well as they do, if I didn't know what it is to suffer.

Love you, girl. Take good care of yourself. Pace yourself, okay?

Love and prayers,

Peggy said...

Blessings Marja...Reading your blog and praying as I read each post and when I got to this one, I just had to comment. This bookmark touched me the most...yet some of your beautiful scenes were absolutely gorgeous, it was this verse that personally ministered to me!

Thank you Marj...thank You, Lord for with her and fill her with Your assurance & help her be secure as she gets ready to leave for Greece! Make every step covered and surrounded by Your holy Presence & Protection. Marj has such a gift Lord, do not allow the enemy to steal her JOY or strength that she has in You! Continue to flow through her and in her as she blesses so many with her creativity and faith. Strengthen her in every way. Be withe her. Pour Your love &
healing all over Marj in Jesus Name. All things are possible in Christ Jesus and Marj is never alone. Relieve her from any heaviness and lift her above any low feelings and insecurities so she is as Nancie, More than a Conqueror. Thank You for their friendship and that I have the privilege to know both of them through the internet! Give Marj peace and rest as she prepares for Greece and each day of her travel, I place in Your hands. Help Marj to trust and rest in You! May she find comfort and maintain a balance. We give You thanks, glory & honor for all this as we place and believe You are in control, not bipolar or any harm or anything else just You.
May you reign & bless Marj & Your kingdom as she travels to Greece.
May this be without problems and an enjoyable trip as she even may have chance to capture more photos to use for Your glory! Thank You, Lord!

Thank you Marj! I am blessed greatly by you & Nancie sharing!
Safe travel and God's mercy & hedge of protection around you as you travel in Jesus' Name. Love & best wishes,

marja said...

Dear Peggy,

Thank you so much for that beautiful, comforting prayer. I think I'll print it out and keep it with me for awhile - to encourage me.

Thank you for the e-card as well. It was such a joy to be able to make the bookmarks for you and to know they might be touching people who need to know the power and love of God. I thank God for using me in that way and for the pleasure it gives me.

It was so good to hear from you.

May God bless you and your work.