Thursday, April 01, 2010

It's a battle

One of the Living Room facilitators emailed me with a comment - something I have been lax to accept but now realize there is a lot of truth in. In fact, it's something that should not be ignored. My pastor's wife pointed it out to me as well last Saturday. I'll quote some of what this facilitator said:

"When Jesus told us that if we have faith we can say to this mountain 'be thou removed and be thou cast into the sea' (Matthew 17:20) and don't doubt in our hearts, nothing will be impossible to us. We aren't told to pray to the Lord to have him remove the mountain. We speak to the mountain in his name. When a depression threatens to overtake me I don't ask the Lord to remove it. He's already given me the authority to get rid of it in his name. I refuse to receive depression and when I sense it looming, I rebuke it in Jesus' name. And if the depression persists, I persist more. If the depression doesn't lift right away, don't be discouraged. Keep rebuking it in Jesus' name. Keep praising Jesus and use your God-given capacity to get angry at that depression."

Last night and this morning I did that. I commanded the depression to leave me in Christ's name. And you know, my mind cleared and I found a new strength and confidence. And there was joy in that strength and confidence.

I'm not saying that depression is not a medical problems, but I'm saying that spiritually there's a lot we can do about it.

Now I'm going to go for a workout, something I can physically do for myself. Something else that will help clear those cobwebs. And because I've looked after my spiritual self, I am encouraged to get out there and move my body - to do all the things that are good for me. Maybe I'll even get creative. We need to look after our whole selves - and God made us into some pretty complicated beings.

God is so amazing and so good, isn't He?


Coco said...

Wow, that is pretty cool that you took the initiative like that. My hat is off to you, and also for taking the other steps you needed to be good to yourself. Yes, it's often not enough to overcome an oncoming depression, but doing our part IS sometimes sufficient.

marja said...


Actually, I didn't end up going for a workout. What I did instead was walk to the mall with my husband. We did some shopping and had a coffee. That was a good workout too, and quality time with my husband.


More Than Conquerors said...

Dear Marja,

I am so thankful to God for helping you to cope and that you are feeling better. Truly we need to ask for the Lord's help daily and give us strength and grace to fight the battle!

Glad you managed to go for a walk with your husband and spent such precious time together. That's also a good workout. I love to for walks or do some workout too. I have been quite busy and too tired to exercise, but just re-started this morning. It was a short session but a great achievement! Taking baby steps is what I need to do. It really feels good and I pray God will help me to do so consistently :) May you have a very blessed weekend and Lord's day!

With love in Christ,

marja said...

Dear Nancie,

Yes, dealing with bipolar - and in fact life for anyone - is a day by day, step by step process, isn't it? I'm not very consistent with my exercise either, though I keep trying.

Wishing you a blessed Easter, Nancie.

Praying for strength for you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marja,

I always enjoy your writings and can identify with many of them.

I've been in a mixed state for many weeks and it intensified this past week +, so it's been quite difficult. I have a newer "p-doc" and between him and my GP they have kept me out of the hospital. I am eternally grateful for them. Hopefully with time, my new med will work, in addition to all the other things I do. I'm hoping to feel well enough to go to church on Sunday, my favourite Holy Day of the year.

I've done some writing. If you would like to read it, I can forward it to you.

Have a Blessed Easter!


marja said...

Hi K.

I'm sorry it's taken me so long to publish this and to comment. A Happy Easter to you too, girl. Good for you for staying out of hospital. I wish you all the best as you try out this new medication.

Praying for your stability.