Sunday, January 22, 2012

An act of worship

So much to talk to you about! Not simply about my troubles (as I've been doing far too much lately) but about things that give me joy.

I've been writing about the photography I've been doing and, during Pastor Don's sermon today, I was reminded of how photographing nature is very much an act of worship for me.

How I love capturing the beautiful things in nature! And especially when I know there will be people to share the results with. It's like a songwriter writing songs to sing for people and with people - praises to God - expressions of devotion to Him. I would like to be like David writing his psalms, only in photograph form.

And, when I can express and share my feelings through the photographs I make, all the better. All the more meaningful.

Look at how David expressed his myriad emotions with us in his psalms. How they bless us now! When I'm going through hard times, it's the psalms I go to for comfort. David understood. He went through the same things I experience, though his life and circumstances were a lot different.

Pastor Don's sermon today was about how we make use of our time. Such a great topic and such a great sermon!! I encourage you to listen to it in a few days when it goes online here.

One of the things Don covered was how to engage in a "holy waste of time". He said that three practices appear to be a "waste" of time but aren't really:
1. Observing the Sabbath
2. Worship
3. Daily personal time with God

What Don had to say so encouraged me. The project I've been telling you about - the work God seems to be leading me to - uses all of these. The time outdoors with my camera, appreciating what God has given us; the making of photographs to sing about the wonders I uncover; the time spent writing prayers to Him - prayers on behalf of others who might be experiencing pain...or joy.


Tery Lynne said...

So glad to see you are still around and spreading awareness!!

marja said...

Tery! It's been such a very long time. Hope you are well.