Friday, January 20, 2012

Needing to create

I'm starting to function better, getting quite a few things done around the house. And I'm becoming more organized, doing much to prepare for Missions Fest, the conference where Living Room will have a booth. (Booth N08 for those of you who might like to come and visit us)

But the low moods still come upon me with too much regularity, quite often just after waking up from a nap.

And I keep thinking to myself how good it would be for me to have a creative project on the go. Doing creative things has always been a good technique for me to get out of depression. Something colourful and beautiful.

I've been praying so much for a project! Something involving photography.

One thing I've been exploring is to create a devotional book - a gift book with photographs and words - perhaps prayers that people with all kinds of pain would be able to relate to. How I'd like to be like David, creating psalms that arose from the situations he was in, but not specifying those situations in his writing. The way he wrote was something almost everyone could relate to.

Could I write prayers that could bless people with all different forms of pain ... and joy as well? Could I write something for the benefit of many and not just for myself?

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