Monday, January 30, 2012

Missions Fest report

How exciting this past weekend was with our Living Room booth at Missions Fest! So many people stopped by to get information! People with mood disorders, people who had friends or family members with mood disorders. Others were just very happy to see that there is a way that the church is addressing the problem of mental illness.

We heard some stories of how the church had totally misunderstood the medical nature of mood disorders and prayed over unconfessed sins in an effort to heal the person. We talked about the pain this causes. We talked about the stigma in the church.

It was so great to stand amongst all the other forms of ministries - the first time a mental health ministry was represented at Missions Fest. I felt we gained credibility and really made a mark. I do hope we'll have the opportunity to do this again next year.

And me? How do I feel now? I'm feeling much stronger than I was. I'm feeling positive and look forward to getting life back on track again.


Gina C. said...

I feel the same way Marja. We did indeed make a mark. There was a great deal of interest in our ministry. Very pleased with how things went. :)

marja said...

And I'm so glad you and your team were there to help out, Gina. Thank you so much!