Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New plans

My devotional planner quotes Job 17:11: "My days have passed, my plans are shattered, and so are the desires of my heart."

But, the thoughts below say - so correctly: "Plans give you energy and keep you moving forward. [how true!] When plans get shattered so does your heart. The Lord can renew your plans or give you new plans. [as he did to Job] And when that happens your heart will be restored. Wait and see. What plans of yours have been shattered lately?"

Job's old life with his plans were shattered - taken away from him. And how I understand his feelings, though my situation isn't nearly as bad. I grieve the loss of my ability to function in a dependable way. And I do feel in great need of a new project - something without stress - something creative - something that will give me purpose - a God-given purpose. I believe if I had a good project to focus on, I would recover much sooner.

Living Room isn't shattered. It can't be. There will, I trust, be others - more capable others - to carry it on. It's a movement. The supportive material is all available free of charge on the website. I guess all we need is someone who will answer emails asking for info and someone who will supply encouragement where needed.

What I do grieve is my ability to function in a dependable way. I just pray that I will recover and that God will help me get stronger in that respect.

But any time I've had mental health problems I've turned to a creative project to "restore my heart" and give me a sense of excitement about life again. This is what I'm exploring now. I would like to create some kind of devotional book, including my photographs. How I would love a project like that!! This is the idea I'm developing now.

God is good. I'm starting to feel more organized. Starting to recover. I pray this trend will continue.

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