Monday, February 06, 2012


Did I forget my own advice in Riding the Roller Coaster?

I've been enjoying my reading again, able to focus where for so long that had been almost impossible. I have a writing project on the go. These acitivities both make me happy and are good for me. Yet last night I started feeling somewhat low again. What's the problem?

The lithium I'm taking is helping a great deal, but I'm realizing more than ever now that meds alone aren't going to be the answer. I need to lead a balanced lifestyle too. Some quiet activities like reading and writing is good, but I also need to have more physical activity in my life: Cleaning, shopping, walking. And I need to take time with friends.

I also remember the exhilaration I felt a few weeks ago when I photographed the plants in our garden while they were covered by a slight layer of snow. Yes, being creative too is so very important.

I pray that I will remember this lesson and plan my days to include this kind of balance. It should almost be a doctor's prescription, shouldn't it? Doctors need to prescribe far more than medicine alone.

So now that I've had lots of quiet time, I must do something else - something I don't generally enjoy. I need to clean up our messy kitchen. But I know that I can almost make it enjoyable if I play some good music as I work. ...The work is almost starting to sound appealing :))

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