Friday, February 10, 2012

Being myself

I love it when I'm around people, able to be sociable. However, far too often I feel awkward in social situations - nervous - self-conscious. Is it the social anxiety disorder, still haunting me? I thought that was in my past, but maybe it isn't completely gone. Maybe it won't ever be completely gone.

It's strange, though - and wonderful - how at Living Room meetings I always feel like I can be myself. I feel outgoing when I'm there, looking forward to welcoming people as they arrive. I feel happy and free.

What is it about Living Room that I can so easily be that way there?

I just hope that others who come will be able to feel that sense of freedom too. I hope they will experience it as a place where they can be totally open about who they are, with no worries about saying the wrong thing or revealing things about themselves that will bring shame upon themselves. At Living Room we're accepted, no matter where we are emotionally or spiritually. How wonderful! It's like a little slice of heaven.

Thank you God for Living Room and for your presence - always with us.


Hein said...

one thing of bipolar is that social thing of not always comfortable between people/active participate in the social discussions, that i can relate to and when untreated my wife did not like that at all, she is very social, and took it personally as if people are judging her why is hein angry/stuck up today.we separated due to BP affects on our life before diagnosed.
I think it is the unconditional acceptance in living room that make one feel you can be yourself and true to others with your emotions (trust)knowing that they will understand and have compassion for you.

marja said...

Thank you, Hein.

I'm sorry that BP affected the relationship between you and your wife. That happens commonly.

Yes, it is, I'm sure, the unconditional acceptance that makes people feel comfortable. And it's because of that that they feel free to talk about things that they might in other social situations feel they have to cover up.

Like I said before, it's such a big blessing to have a place like that.

How I wish we could have a lot more Living Room groups around.