Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Crisis prayer line

Yesterday a very distraught and confused lady called me. She is bipolar but is only just getting started on medication. She was under the impression that the enemy was causing her to go through the psychosis she had been experiencing. When I told her that bipolar is a medical condition she was very relieved. She was amazed to be talking to someone who had the same illness as she did.

I was happy that I was able to be there for her.

It made me think how good it would be if there were prayer lines specifically for Christians living with mental illness. These prayer lines could be manned by people who had an understanding of mental illnesses or had lived experience.

I myself could benefit from something like this. My Christian friends don't always understand what I'm dealing with. They might not know how to pray for me. Quite often I've been at a loss for someone to talk to - someone who would be sensitive to where I was at - someone who could pray for me.

There are crisis lines. But they don't provide people who will pray with you. And there are prayer lines. But these are often manned by people who have no understanding of mental illnesses.

I called a prayer line once when I was in crisis and very much needed someone to talk to. However, the lady who prayed for me seemed to think that my condition was my fault - something I had power over. I don't think I'll ever call a prayer line again.


Hein said...

Aren't a lot of BP sufferers not initially in the same boat as the lady you helped Marja.

There is enough of the population globally that suffers from mental illnesses under correction 6-8%, it would cost a person with really a huge initiative to start it i think but yes that would be great.

This is a catch 22 situation, understanding inside or outside the church are limited. Only pdoc's but then you has to pay only by appointment, not the solution.
This is where Living Room is the solution but with a difference, where you can register and have Discussions and Blog online with fellow Christians!!!

I also joined a support group local (secular) which is tremendous support but I long for a christian site...

marja said...

If people could buddy up with a fellow Living Room member - someone they feel comfortable with and trust - they could pray for each other in times of crisis. Perhaps another level we could take Living Room to.