Friday, February 23, 2007

I hit the front page!

This morning I couldn't believe it when I opened the paper I saw that my photo ended up on the front page - big! Inside are two full pages with information about depression...and another photo of me - rather unflattering, but I guess a good description of what depression feels like.

What I said in the interview was interspersed with info and other people's quotes in a big article. This is a huge stigma buster. Very informative. I am - as you can well imagine - excited and happy. This should get my book into a lot more people's hands.

Here's the link:

It's not working as a link. Perhaps if you type it in it will. The front page can be accessed at the bottom left of the page.


Michele said...

Marja, Congratulations on all the publicity. You have a right to be excited. I will have to buy your book. I have read a number of things on bipolar but your book is not one that I have run across. Have you read the Jamison Redfield books? I find her to be very informative -- of course a little much for a layman, you really have to want to be studying the disease. I look forward to reading your book. Have you had a lot of bouts with depression? or more with mania? Feel free to send me an email. m

Dream Writer said...

The link worked but you are nowhere to be found :(

I did a search for "Marja Bergen" and OTHER articles come up that you've written, but not the one that you are talking about.

Anyhoo - Congrats on the front page that must be so exciting..How I wish I could get on the front page at my local paper - Maybe when I publish this 2nd book on Domestic Violence it will be a HIT!

marja said...

Hi Michele and dream writer: Thank you for your congrats. It's been an exciting day and a half for me.

That link I posted has been replaced with today's paper. What I'll have to do is photograph the articles if I can, though I don't think you'll be able to read them - there's too much. (2 full page spreads in section A, as well as some on the first page) But it will give a good picture of the kind of coverage depression is getting from our paper this weekend. (This is a 3-part extra)

I told my Living Room group that this is a victory for everyone living with mood disorders. The articles are indepth, informative, and show depression from many angles - different peoples' experience. Such a great stigma buster and I'm so glad to have been a part of it.

I wonder how many people are now searching for copies of the book. Even if I were rich and could afford thousands of dollars in advertising, I couldn't have paid for this kind of attention.

Michele: Yes I've read the Jamison books and love them. I've had depression, mania, and psychosis in the past. I can't say what I've had more of - the depression or the mania. Over the past couple of years I've had a lot of hypomania and a few bouts of depression. At other times of my life the depression has had the upper hand. My tendency to psychosis is under control, thanks to medication.