Saturday, February 24, 2007

Weekend extra on depression

Continuing on with my news about the publicity I got in the Vancouver Sun newspaper:

This is an absolutely fantastic job the paper is doing in their three-part report on depression - and not just because they featured me. There is big front page attention plus a two page spread in each paper. This is truly a wonderful stigma buster!

I've photographed the two pages with my pictures from the Friday edition and will post them here. The inside shot of me makes me look awful - depressed, though I wasn't. But I guess it gets the point across. The other picture I'm sharing here is from the Saturday paper, featuring Greater Vancouver's Roman Catholic archbishop and the story of his depression.

Sorry, I didn't know how to compose the pictures on the page so they look better.


marja said...

Commenting on my own post: I don't know what I've done here! This is so weird, but I've messed so much with this I'm giving up. Does anyone know what I did wrong here?

Dream Writer said...

No, I don't know what you did wrong...I think your pictures look great on my end :)

Great for you Marja!! You are very inspiring. You are really inspiring me to break out my Domestic Violence Manuscript and start working again!!! I mean I already have 70-pages single spaced - I got a lot done already!

You go girl! More power to you :)

Sarah said...

awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is so cool marja, congrats!!!!!!!!!!! i'm proud and i wish i was there myself to see it:)

jumpinginpuddles said...

awesome job done by all

bipolar_girl said...

You look great, Marja!!! Really great!! It's awesome! I'm soooo speechless! Great work! No, you didn't mess up anything. take care

marja said...

dream writer, Good for you on your book project. I found that I had to really concentrate on focusing on the writing as the most important thing for me at the time. Keeping your focus narrow and strong is the way to get a book written.

sarah, I wish you were here too.

jumpinginpuddles: The series was awesome. I was so happy to see this attention paid to depression. I'm sure it must have gotten some people talking about it who might otherwise not think of doing so.

bipolar girl: Thank you so much. This has been an exciting time. I hope that my book will now go on to help a lot more people.