Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Roller coaster excitement

Thank you to all who responded to my last post, joining with me in my excitement. Yesterday was another great day. The Vancouver Sun photographer came to take my picture. To my surprise, he wanted more than a head and shoulder shot. He decided to take me to the rollercoaster nearby and photographed me at the base of it. (For a while I wondered if he wanted me to take a ride on it, which would have scared me silly, but thank goodness it doesn't run this time of year.)

So he took dozens of shots with me holding my Riding the Roller Coaster book. Now that was really exciting. That book has been out for almost eight years, and now it's getting fresh attention. How lucky can an author get!

I called my publisher and told him. He was excited as well and will probably get the marketing department to try and get copies on the store shelves again. Very neat!

This article will be for a weekend special on depression so should be quite prominent in the paper. So good for getting the word out there about depression! So good as a stigma buster! Don't you find mental illness is being talked about more than it used to be?

The Vancouver Sun is the biggest newspaper in British Columbia and a lot of it is online. I imagine this story will be too. I will publish a link to the article to share it with you when it comes out.

In the evening I tried to come down off the mountaintop by listening to music and ironing. We have a lot more clothes we can wear now.

An altogether neat day.

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bipolar_girl said...

Way to go, Marja! Don't forget to share the link with us. I'm so happy for you!take care