Saturday, March 17, 2007

Back in gear

I haven't posted for almost a week and I haven't visited anyone's blogs for as long - and I very much need to and want to get back in gear.

I've had a busy week, not at all normal - though my times are seldom "normal". But I want to get back to routine. I want to talk to all of you again. I need to express what goes on in my mind: my sadness, my joys, my pain, frustration, and sources of hope and inspiration.

With my book finished, zipped shut, not accepting any more thoughts, I feel a bit at a loss. What am I going to pour myself into now? My book has given me a way of using my struggles to do something good. I've written about them in a way that will - hopefully - help others. Knowing that I might be helping others makes my fluctuating emotions easier to bear. I've had a place to share what is important to me. I've been feeding a grand vision: to reduce stigma and support people who are bipolar by writing my story. Now all I can do is wait until I find a publisher. That waiting will be hard to do. I'm not good at waiting. I'm a doer.

But my blog is here; and all of you are here - and for that I'm very happy.

I need to catch up with what all my blogging friends have been up to and how they're feeling. So that's what I will do this weekend. I'm sorry I've ignored you so long.


Dream Writer said...

Congrats! On the book! What I do is I keep files of future writings...ideas, thoughts, and so on...

I kinda know ALL the books I want to write and if I come across an article, event, and so on I cut it out of the magazine or paper and put it into a file.

I am working on my second book, but have 2 files - One for an Animal Book and the other for a Family Book! This way when I am done with my 2nd book, I am that much ahead of myself with the other books!

Projects are good - they keep us alive!

Sarah said...

marja i'm glad you're bac, we always need some time off eh.

i had one myself and decided to come check in on you...

Hope everything's smooth and may God keep blessing you and us through you.


marja said...

Hi Dream and Sarah, Thanks for your comments. It's so good to hear from you, even though I'm not as back as I said I would be.

You sound so organized, Dream. I would have a hard time being that way. And the older I get,the bigger my stacks of disorganized papers and notes get.