Sunday, March 25, 2007

A most amazing thing!

I went for a good long walk with a friend who is also experiencing depression. It was the first dry day of the month. The skies were still cloudy, but bright.

We talked lots, even praying for a while as we walked. Part of our walk took us through forest. We admired the beautiful green of the moss and the skunk cabbage growing in a ditch. My friend was tempted to feel the temperature of the rushing stream we passed. We laughed as she almost fell in.

A most amazing thing happened: When I came home I felt rejuvenated, the cobwebs in my brain had cleared. I felt more alive than I have in a long while. Over the past few hours I haven't felt depressed. What a relief!

I've heard many times about the value of walking to a depressed person, but never thought the effects could be so dramatic...or is the prozac starting to push me into mania? Don't think it would happen after only four days though.

I thank God for today's brightening of my spirits. And now I have another coping strategy I will take a lot more seriously. I have another tool. I will make walking part of my wellness plan.


Di said...

Happy to hear this.

Dream Writer said...

It wasn't just the walk, I think it was God's Nature and surroundings that he created that got you in a better mood.

Nature alone can inspire anyone...that is why the Ocean/Beach is so inspiring.

marja said...

You're right, Dream. And it was also the prayer, being with someone who understands depression, and the laughter. A pretty good cocktail.

bipolar_girl said...

Good for you, Marja! A fitness guru once advised me to take a walk when feeling down. Unfortunately those times you feel not walking the most are probably the times you need to do it the most. A 10-minute walk interspersed throughout the day can do wonders. There are many neurological benefits released thru walking. take care.