Friday, April 18, 2008

Like an alien

My pastor has been speaking lately about how Christians are like aliens in the world. We're different in many ways from those who don't follow Christ - in the ways we think and act.

I don't know if I've talked about this before (couldn't find it in recent posts, though I felt I had talked about this not long ago), but often I feel like an alien in the world, and even at church. As a teen I had social phobia, and it crops up again every now and then. In searching the internet I found that often social phobia is linked with mood disorders.

Research published by Cambridge University Press found that "Strong associations exist between lifetime social phobia and major depressive disorder (odds ratio 2·9), dysthymia (2·7) and bipolar disorder (5·9). Odds ratios increase in magnitude with number of social fears. Reported age of onset is earlier for social phobia than mood disorders in the vast majority of co-morbid cases. Temporally-primary social phobia predicts subsequent onset of mood disorders, with population attributable risk proportions of 10–15%. Social phobia is also associated with severity and persistence of co-morbid mood disorders."

I guess it's natural that having a mood disorder is going to make you feel different from others, like you don't fit in, like you're on the outside looking in. We are different in many respects. But those are such very uncomfortable feelings to have.

On the blogs I've heard many say how they don't feel comfortable at church. They don't feel accepted; they feel judged. It's one reason many stop going to church. But maybe these are false perceptions caused by social phobia. I know that my feelings of not fitting in are usually due to my own perceptions - not the perceptions of others.

When I reach out to others, not thinking about myself but thinking about the people around me, these feeling disappear. This, I believe is the solution to the problem. If we can stop thinking about our own needs but turn our thoughts to the needs of the people around us, our social phobia can stop being an issue.

I guess the biblical teachings to "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" is something we need to live by if we're to overcome feelings of alienation. If we can think of others, have the courage to reach out to others and show our love for them we will soon feel more like we fit in. Others will then reach out to us and we will feel that we belong. The old adage: "to have a friend you need to be a friend" is a valuable lesson we should not forget.

I know all this, and yet...every once in a while I still feel like an alien in a foreign land.

And...reaching out takes courage, especially when - perhaps - you're not feeling very confident or good about yourself.


Merelyme said...

yes it sure does take courage and i am so glad you are doing it. i feel like an alien a lot of the time too...i have always felt different from others. but then i find that most everyone feels a little off center and we are not alone.

Nancie said...

I experienced social phobia too. Even now sometimes I still feel that way. Like you, I find that when I reach out to others and forget about myself, I enjoy the friendship and don't feel out of place anymore. Reaching out to others is really not easy when I am conscious of my limitations and the fear of rejection. But God is gracious. When we ministers to others needs, ours are met in very wonderful ways which we never even expected. Praise Him.

Have a blessed weekends and Lord's day!

Paula Joy said...

I have wondered if social phobia is somehow related to bipolar. I've never done any research on it, but have found myself quite weird in some social situations. Do you have any good links??

Paula Joy said...

I tagged you on my blog today - just something fun!!

Anonymous said...

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Becca said...

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