Thursday, April 24, 2008

One track mind

I've been feeling kind of bad lately that all I seem to have to talk about or want to talk about is Living Room. My mind has been on a single track. Everyone must be getting very tired of this.

Yet my work is Living Room. It's so very important to me. But I know there's more to life than this.

At times I think I'm living like a nun, cloistered. I don't read the newspapers, don't listen to the news on the radio, don't watch any TV, hardly ever rent a movie. The only books I read - and I do read a fair amount - are the Bible and Christian non-fiction. I've quit photography because I feared it would distract me from my mental health work.

I do work out. I do play games with my husband when we have free evenings. And I'm going through the process of getting my book published, but that's mental health related as well.

My purpose in life is to help erase the stigma attached to mental illness, especially the stigma in the church. In the process I want to support people with mental health issues and help churches learn how to give support. This is the work God has given me to do. I feel comfortable doing these things. Living this kind of life makes me feel strong and well.

And yet...

I was reading a book yesterday about how to live the Christian life and found, deep in the middle of the book, a paragraph where the author mentioned she was bipolar. Just one little mention - nothing else. Wish I could focus away from my illness a little more than I do - more like this author did. Maybe one day.

In the meantime, I do think God wants me to be an activist. I feel moved to speak out as much as I can. I feel I need to help Christians learn how to support those who struggle with mental health issues.

Just hope people don't get tired of me.


Jenalexa said...
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Bipolar Wellness Writer said...

Dear Marja,
I'm sure people won't tire of you, and all your hard work on mental health may truly be your calling, but I'm a big believer in "balance" these days.

I think that each of us can follow our calling with a passion, but it's also important to pursue hobbies, and spend time doing fun things--to maintain our own mental health. Just a thought!


marja said...

Jena: Thank you for your encouragement. Thank you for loving me, in spite of my one track mind.

Susan: Yes, mental health work is my calling, I know. But you're right that I need to have a bit more balance in my life. I feel it. I need to pick up my drawing and painting again. Maybe when my book is ready to go into production.

Anonymous said...

I won't get tierd of you, I am enjoying your writing.

Dream Writer said...

When I read spiritual books, self-help books, helping others, and so on..I began so drained.

I needed something different in my life for a little while. A fun book, sexy book, adventure book.

Try and read something that will make you laugh, take you away from reality in a more fun and fictional way.

Living room is your passion, your baby, your support system and you can never get tired of that.

Lay back, put your feet up, and smell some buttered popcorn!

YOUR word verification reads: HAPPY!

Nancie said...

Dear Marja,

You are doing a great work at Living Room as it is a very special ministry. And your sharing about it here is helping me and many others who can't be there physically :)

Living Room is your calling and God has given you the passion and talents to be a blessing through it. So no worries about writing about Living Room. We all loved to read about it and to see how God is using this unique ministry to help those with mood disorders. And what you share always help us in some ways too in our own battle with bipolar and depression.

It will be wonderful if more of Living Rooms can be set up at different places all over the world :) It's my dream that some day Living Room can come to Singapore :)

I look forward to read more of your posts. Keep writing :)

Take care. And hope you have a blessed weekends and Lord's day.


marja said...

Alison: Thank you so much for your comment and for not getting tired of me. That's encouraging.

Hey Dream! I do think a good fictional book would be a good idea around now. I'm too darn serious. A friend of mine just came out with a murder mystery. It's not usually the kind of book I read, but she's a very good writer and I'm eager to see what she's done. Her name: Debra Purdy Kong. The book: Fatal Encryption. (available on amazon)

Yes Nancie. More Living Rooms is what we need. This is what I'm praying for and I guess that's why I talk so much about it. I'm trying to promote the idea in whichever way I can. Thank you for your continuing encouragement.