Friday, April 25, 2008

What makes you strong?

I listened to a talk given by John Stumpo to a group of pastors at a conference. One thing he said that impressed me was this:

"Your strength is not in what you do well but in what makes you strong - in what feeds you."

That's so true. A couple of years ago I would never have dreamed I could be doing the things I'm doing now. I was like some of the biblical figures, saying to God, "but I can't do that. I'm too small. I'm too weak." Yet I did end up doing it, listening to the call. And I'm becoming stronger as a result - emotionally and spiritually. I'm a different person than I was two years ago, because I'm doing something that feeds me, something I was cut out to do. Thing is, I never imagined I was cut out to do this. I am leading a life that I would never have thought possible for me.

It's amazing how God works! Amazing the journey He can take us on!

When I think back to 43 years ago...many months in a mental hospital...staff not holding out much hope for worker talking me out of going back to school, suggesting it was beyond me...many periods of psychosis...afraid to talk in front of groups...low self esteem...not able to work at even a part time job.

Thank you, God, for where you've taken me. Thank you for helping me become a strong person. Thank you for helping me out of the victim role and into the role of supporter. You are an awesome God!


BPD in OKC said...

That is a powerful quote. Thanks for sharing. It really is amazing what God can do. I don't take time to think about that enough.

Zawadi Equiano said...

hugs Marja. i have been outo f touch for a long time and started to blog once again.
Things are better with me and wanted to see how you are and to send you a hug.

shebee said...

Wow Marja,
You inspire all of us. You have made me look at my life differently with your post today. We aren't defined by what we do well, but by what gives us strength. For you and I that's Jesus Christ. Thank God He loves us enough not to leave us the way that we are in our darkest hours of need. Thank God we Have His strength to get us through a lot of the battles in this life. And thank God he uses everything negative in our lives and turns it into something good, something great!!! For you, that's your journey from the pit of despair to where you help those that are where you were so many years ago. Thanks Marja, for another encouraging post.
Love Shebee

Paula Joy said...

Good post, Marja. It's always a good thing to remind ourselves where we were, and where God brought us from. We truly serve an amazing, awesome God who wants us to live in the freedom He gives us.
You are such an encourager. Bless you!

marja said...

Zawadi: So good to hear from you again. Thanks for alerting me to the fact that you're back.

Shebee and Paula Joy: Thank you. I'm glad I was able to inspire you. You're both so encouraging. So good to be able to share with people who understand about God's love and faithfulness.

Nancie said...

Thanks for this encouraging post, Marja!

Thank God for giving you strength and joy in Him daily. Every time I read your post, I can sense your closeness to God and His grace strengthening and using you in so many wonderful ways! Praise Him!

It is so wonderful to see the way God has helped you over the years and strengthen you to serve Him. Truly we are weak vessels in the hands of a mighty God! He can do amazing things through us when we yield ourselves into His hands. It is He that made us strong in Him. It encourages me to rest entirely in His strength as I journey on.

Thanks for encouraging us through your life. You are a living testimony for the power of God working in our life.

Take care. Hope you have a blessed Lord's day.