Friday, April 24, 2009

Not a finalist

I didn't make it as a finalist to the Canadian Living Me to We awards. I must say, though, it was exciting - a thrill and honour - to have been nominated and I'm grateful to the person who nominated me for thinking of me.

This is a Living Room day. So looking forward to it.

Hope you ALL have a great day.


Merelyme said...

Oh no! I totally missed voting for you. Well I think you deserved to win.

Merelyme said...

Marja...was wondering if you would like to participate in the discussion I have started on My Depression Connection about medications. I ask if anyone has a "success" story with the use of medication for mood disorders.

Here is the link:

Dreamwriter said...

Hey Marja! So glad to see you here still! You are an amazing, inspiring woman.

Hope to touch base again :)

marja said...

Hi Merelyme,
Yes, I'll see what I can contribute. Will head over there later this morning.
- marja

marja said...

Yes, I'm still here. And so are you I see. Will have to spend some time at your blog later today.
Take care - marja