Monday, December 21, 2009

Radio interview tonight

I should have posted this earlier, but if you read this before 7pm PST tonight, please listen in when I'm interviewed on CJSF radio. You can get it online at live. Or check it out later. The website has links to previously aired broadcasts. This program is Sound Therapy, the December 21st edition.

I'm doing well. Busy enough but not too busy. Just plain enjoying the Season. Hope you're doing the same.

(Sorry. I tried to insert a link but it ain't working.)


Wendy Love said...

Congratulations Marja! You do get around. I went to the radio station website but couldn't find it. If you would like to email me more details, I would love to listen to it. Glad you are busy but not too busy.

marja said...

Hi Wendy,

The archived program can be listened to by going to The name of the segment is The Pursuit of Independent Spirituality. My interview is near the beginning of the second segment.