Thursday, December 31, 2009

A reason to live

You know, I've just been thinking. I feel at my best when I'm doing things for other people. When I'm living for something more than just myself. When I'm feeding into other people's lives.

And isn't that the answer for all of us who have trouble finding a reason to live? Isn't that the best place to find a purpose for our lives?

Yesterday I started feeling somewhat down. I felt a need for something meaningful to do. So I put together that awful picture of the cross and the scrunched up woman (see yesterday's post). It didn't feel good. But later, when I posted something that I knew would lift up my readers' spirits, I felt so much better.

Today I want to get together with a friend who's feeling down. Although I care about how she feels and am sad for her, at the same time I now have a very clear thing I need to do this day. It's helping someone, and that gives meaning to my life. It gives me a purpose for the day. It helps me stop thinking about myself and about my own needs.

Where do you find purpose for your life? What gives your life most meaning?


Paula Joy said...

One day last week I was feeling really down. The Pastor picked up my husband,son and me, and we went around to people's homes in the community and gave them a loaf of bread and wished them a Merry Christmas from our Church. By the end of the outing, I was feeling A LOT better! I love giving - I do it more for me than for the other person! :)

Merelyme said...


In every person exists a dichotomy...of sadness...of joy...of light and dark. This is being human. Of all the images you posted...the woman and the two crosses...that was my favorite...I felt it deeply. It doesn't have to be all happy stuff all the time.

I really like the way you are expressing yourself and I hope you keep doing it...don't second guess yourself. Let it all out.

And thank you for all your support and comments to my site...I love when you stop by to share.

marja said...

Paula: Exactly. That's the way it works, isn't it? By giving to others in an unselfish way we help ourselves.

Happy New Year, Paula.

marja said...


...and I love when you stop by my site, though I know how busy you are with your own. I really appreciated your feedback here.

Happy New Year!!!

More Than Conquerors said...

Dear Marja,

I totally agree with you! My heart leaped when I read your post as I shared the same sentiment. I too feel at my best when I'm doing things for other people and for the Lord.

Recently, the Lord reminded me of Matthew 16:25 "For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it." I found that when I try to avoid the troubles and inconveniences of serving Him and others, and just focus on living my own life, my life became meaningless.

But when I give of myself wholeheartedly to serve Him and others, my life becomes very meaningful daily. It gives me a reason to wake up - or should I say jump out of bed daily! Thank God for giving us the joy of walking with Him and extending His love and kindness to others in need. May this new year continue to be a very fruitful and meaningful one for you as you share God's love and kindness with others!


marja said...

Ah, Nancie, I know you feel the same way about this and that makes me feel like you're such a sister. I'm glad your heart leaped. Nice to find someone who echoes what you yourself think and believe, eh?

Happy New Year to you.

Love and prayers,

Just Be Real said...

Great post! Helping others does make one feel better about themselves. Thank you for sharing and happy new year!

marja said...

Just be real:

Thank you so much for visiting and for commenting.

Happy New Year to you!!

Laura said...

Marja you rock my world!!! you're such and artist I was taking photographs too I will send you, so you'll see how is the sky in Paraguay ;)

lauradeperoni said...

I'm also taking pictures I will send it to you so you can see how is the sky in Paraguay

marja said...


Thank you for visiting me at my blogging home. Hope you are doing well today.

Take care.

Love, marja

WillSpirit said...

Never commented here before, but your question prompts a response. At this moment, I find the most meaning by contemplating creation, remembering the principles of universal love and cosmic unity, and writing about them. Ten years ago a series of spiritual 'peak' experiences came to me, and for a while I worked hard to tell others about what I'd seen. Then I shut up, and forgot the peace that came from both the knowledge and the act of spreading it. In the past month it's all been coming back to me. I've been writing m 'revelations' on my blog in hopes my words will help others. On the one hand it's an inward act, and on the other it's my attempt to give succor. In the end, like you say, fulfillment comes from giving. We each give in different was at different times. And like you, I see that posting positive thoughts and images is more helpful than venting frustration and negative feelings. Thanks for prompting me to look at how what I'm doing today brings meaning to my life.

marja said...


Welcome to my blog and thank you for commenting. It IS a universal truth, isn't it - that we find most meaning by sharing. By giving love, we feel love and receive. I want to go and check out your blog, but now have to get ready for church. Will do so later.

Take care.