Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A sweet christmas dinner

I'm doing something outrageously different this Christmas. I've decided to have spare ribs insteady of our traditional turkey dinner. Somehow cooking turkey, brussels sprouts, mashed potatoes, and all those things I've always done seemed awfully boring to me. Time for a change. Time for something more colourful.

I will make the spare ribs in the slowcooker. Have it going all day, making the house smell wonderful. Along with the meat I'm planning to serve rice, sweet potatoes with marshmallows, a broccoli salad, copper pennies (sweet sliced carrots) and pineapple. All sweet stuff, except for garlicky bread sticks made from a pane di casa baguette.
For dessert we're having cheese cake, cream puffs, Christmas cookies, and chocolates.

Good thing none of us is diabetic!

Neat thing about this menu is that much of it can be done ahead. I won't have too much cooking to do on the actual day. I can relax and enjoy.

What are you having this Christmas that's different than the traditional?


mums the word said...

Our meal will be much the same as always . . . ham, scalloped potatoes, salad, rolls, lots of dessert :) What will be different this year is that our youngest daughter will be absent from the table--she is leading an outreach in Sudan. We will miss her greatly, but what a gift to have a child that forsakes Christmas comfort and cheer to to follow the Christ child . . .

marja said...

Sounds good, Kathi, especially the "lots of dessert." Have a great Christmas dinner and time together with your family.

Paula Joy said...

Hi Marja! Merry Christmas to you!!

We are having the traditional meal, but we are living in the same town as my parents for the first time since we've been married. So, we made new traditions on how we spend Christmas Day - presents at home with the kids, Mom and Dad's for gift exchange and lunch, back home for an afternoon nap, then back to my parents for leftovers and a "Happy Birthday Jesus" celebration.

All in all, a good day!!

marja said...

Hi Paula,

Thank you for the Merry Christmas greeting. We had a great Christmas. I hope you did too.

My sparerib dinner was well received, my daughter-in-law praising it several times - so good to hear.

Must be nice for you to live so close to your parents now. And your parents must be very happy about that as well.

Take care,