Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Trying to be creative

MerelyMe, the writer of a blog on Health Central started a discussion today about creativity. I read it just after I had woken up from a nap, feeling very much called to do something creative. Writing some reflections. Playing with photographs. The writing did not come today, but the photography did.

This photo does not at all describe the way I feel or the way I've been feeling lately. It's a composite of two pictures I took many years ago when life was a lot harder and darker for me. I'd like to write something to go with it, but don't know if I should. Shouldn't we write something that reflects a feeling we have in the here and now? Wouldn't that be more honest than dredging out thoughts and feelings I used to have that are no longer part of my truth?

Or would this speak to others who may be in this place? Would it be of value to them?

Anyway, putting this together was an exercise. Perhaps it will fuel more honest expression, expressions that show where I am today.

Hope this doesn't depress you.


Merelyme said...

Hey Marja!

This is not depressing at is striking and dramatic is appealing to me at some root level. It reminds me that we all have some cross to bear in life...we all suffer...but there is redemption in this...this is the path towards acceptance and gratitude.

I like what you are doing. Keep expressing yourself!

marja said...

Hi Merelyme!!

I'm so glad you like this photo and that it has some meaning for you. So glad it doesn't depress you. Yes, it IS about suffering, isn't it? Maybe if I were suffering right now it would appeal more to me.

Thanks so much for visiting.