Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dealing with it

Recognizing that the up and down moods I'm experiencing are the result of anger and frustration helps, I think. There are things I can do about anger, things not as easy to do with depression.

I can talk about it with someone. I can resolve the source of the anger. I can give it to God and move on.

Over the past little while I've tried very hard to get closer to God. Not to put Living Room first, but put Him first. That's not so easy to do since I think at times my Living Room work becomes an obsession, something I'm not very proud of.

On Sunday Pastor Don had us reflect on a series of questions. The last ones I really needed to think about: What are you most devoted to? What is the last thing you'd give up to help someone in need? What do you organize your life around? Do you love that more than God?

That really made me think. And I realize these are questions I will have to keep asking myself, especially when I get so busy doing Living Room work. I definitely need to stay close to God if I'm to do this work. It's God's work, after all, and how will I know how to do it if I don't let God be part of it?

This morning I was looking in my Bible for something and came upon a very apt verse for me - Psalm 143:10:
Teach me to do your will, for you are my God;
may your good Spirit lead me on level ground."

A good verse to hang onto today. May God's Spirit lead me on level ground.


Spin Original said...

What a GREAT verse!! That is my prayer for today. Thanks for sharing it!!

Still praying for you <3

marja said...

Hi Spin,

Yes, perfect for us bipolars, eh? And it's amazing how quickly I came upon it/ how quickly God put it before me. Finding it helped me feel His presence and gave me comfort and peace. All we have to do is look for God and we'll find Him, eh?

Thanks for your prayers. You're a dear.

Love, marja

Coco said...

That's lovely and perfect. I'm glad you found comfort and peace Marja - a warm hug from our Father.

marja said...

Thank you, Coco. So good to be back at blogging again. Sharing my thoughts is good for me.

Love, marja

Colby said...

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marja said...

Thanks for visiting, Colby. And thank you for the information.