Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Avoiding depression

Susan, the Wellness Writer, has been blogging about how to stave off depression. This is an important topic for me as I look forward to the approaching fall and Christmas season.

As I've said in previous posts, I've already been thinking about that season and wondering how I could possibly avoid going into a depression again. And I've been wondering if this will be possible for me. In spite of having written two books about coping with bipolar disorder, I still have a lot of problems. I've only in recent months been able to return to a normal me, after at least a six-month roller coaster ride which started in November last year. Obviously I worry about this happening again.

Susan says yes, I can. But I will have to have a good recipe for my day to day living. Susan's personal plan includes:
1. Hypnotherapy
2. Therapy
3. A sound, vibration and light healer
4. Learning to garden and volunteering to garden at a school
5. Working on a photography project with others
6. Exercise
7. Spending time with friends
8. Developing hobbies to do alone
9. Making her living environment brighter
10. Changing the way she celebrates the holidays with her family.

My plans?
1. Counselling on a monthly basis
2. Change my attitude - stop dreading Christmas, but look forward to it, planning fun things
3. Make Christmas presents
4. Make photographic items and have an open house so people can see them and purchase them if they wish (proceeds going to a church ministry)

Hey! I seem to be focussing on Christmas here! That wasn't my intent before I started writing. I had meant to talk about depression in general. But I do have Christmas on the brain now-a-days. Not good eh?

How can I avoid the dip I experienced on Sunday from grabbing hold of me and becoming full-fledged depression? I'll try to write about that tomorrow.


Wellness Writer said...

Dear Marja,

Your list sounds good to me. And I've decided that it's great that you and I are focusing on Christmas now, and coming up with plans.

While so many people have difficulties during the holidays, all I usually read about is the bad stuff...after it happens.

But, if we bring it up now, and share our plans for making it better, maybe others will think about doing that as well.

Then, we can all compare our experiences and see what works!


marja said...

Hi Susan,

Yes, I think I, personally, need to work at developing a positive attitude towards Christmas and find things to look forward to. Ignore the other stuff.

Dangerous thing is, though, to think too much about the possibility of depression. We need to avoid anxiety about that, but look at the positive. We need to focus on the good stuff of life, which you're doing.

I wrote about that today.