Monday, September 14, 2009

Enthusiasm for photography

My enthusiasm for photography has come back in a big way. It was slow in coming but now I'm quite eager to play with pictures again, especially focussing on using photos to make notecards and, especially, bookmarks.
In my bookmarks I get to combine my love for the written word with my love for photographs.

I'm also starting to revisit some of the photography I've done in the past. So I share with you today a few pictures of older people. I had made these in an effort to show that old people still have a child inside them. It was a project that I had hoped to publish but came to a dead end. But now I can publish them here, online. The wonders of the internet! Don't you just love it?


More Than Conquerors said...


These pictures are so lovely! I am glad that your enthusiasm for photography has come back and you are using photos to make notecards and bookmarks. I enjoy these too as they are so therapeutic and give a great sense of accomplishment!

So we do share a lot of things in common, don't we?

You take such lovely pictures and I have seen some of your lovely bookmarks. God has truly blessed you with creative gifts and may you continue to find much joy and healing in them as you bless others with them.

With love and prayers,

marja said...

Yes, we do share a lot in common, Nancie. Neat to know that you understand exactly the way I feel about making bookmarks. I'm love making them so much, it's hard to quit. I always find some new verse or new photo to pass along.

Thank you for your prayers.

Love, marja