Sunday, September 06, 2009

Moving into...

Several days ago I was stuck in a pit, feeling dark and ugly. When I talked to my good friend about it, she said to me, "At times like this you need to move into God's Presence."

I know it doesn't sound like anything really that special for someone say, but it worked wonders for me. There's something about the verb "move" that is powerful. At least it was for me that day. To "move into His presence" is highly active, much more so than "being in His presence." "Placing myself in God's Presence" could have had the same effect. It's up to me to act, to do, to make the move from the depths to the surface. Yes, I thought, just do, Marja.

I started working on my notecards...or maybe it was the bookmarks. When I do that work (or should I call it play?) I feel I'm part of God's Kingdom. It's a good, positive thing to be doing. It's colourful; it's satisfying. The work feeds me. And it did again this day. Being creative does that for you and God did make us to be creative people - in His own image.

So...if you're feeling somewhat down, why not try to "move into God's Presence?" Put on some worship music and putter within that peaceful place full of light. That place where you know you're loved and cared for. That place where you'll give your Father pleasure.


More Than Conquerors said...

Dear Marja,

Thank God for enabling you to "move" into His presence! Truly there are healing power in the presence of God, in His bosom where we are loved and cared for.

Your bookmarks are so beautiful! I love this one very much. It gives a certain sense of comfort and assurance that God is able to deliver us or sustain us in our trials. Thank God for the creativity He has given to you and to me too. I love to make bookmarks and cards, to put encouraging Bible verses with them to remind me of God's love, mercies and faithfulness.

May you continue to know God's love and faithfulness daily. Take care!

With love in Christ
and prayers,

marja said...

Thanks, Nancie. Yes, you too know the comfort and peace that comes from doing this kind of work. You're truly my sister in that way as well.

I've come to think of this work as a kind of worship. Instead of music, use photographs to accompany the Psalms and other scripture.

Take care.
Love, marja

WillSpirit said...

First time at your site. I've been working hard lately to believe, once again, that there is a God that cares enough for me to bother moving toward. I firmly believe in spiritual influences, but I have a harder time thinking they care very much. A product of my life history, no doubt. It helps when I hear others who do have faith. It helps me believe I can find something akin to it again. Not that I am miserable, for I am actually at a pretty good place in my life right now. But it would be better if I had more spiritual connection. I yearn for it. Thank you for providing a message to me today that makes me think I might find my way back to feeling that there is a larger consciousness in play, and that this 'God' actually cares.

marja said...

Hi Willspirit,

Thank you for visiting. I'm glad this post touched you.

I believe that if you look you will find. If you knock on the door it will open. That's roughly what Jesus said and it's true.

I haven't always believed, but once I decided I needed and wanted to believe in a loving God - Wow!

You might be interested in the book I wrote, A Firm Place to Stand. I explain there how I came to the Christian faith.
Not trying to make you spend your money, but maybe if you don't want it yourself you could ask your library to order a copy. See info about the book in the sidebar to my blog.

I'll try to write a bit in my next post on this topic, if you're willing to stand by and come back. Will try tonight.