Monday, September 07, 2009

Undying life

Today I was, once more, drawn into a place that felt ugly. A problem with a friend to whom I had lovingly talked about something she really needed to know. She didn't take it well and dumped a vehement response to it on me. I think I have lost a friend. I'm not used to being spoken to in an angry way like that. Guess I've been kind of sheltered that way...or I just have an awfully nice bunch of people in my life.

So here I am again with another time when I need to "move into God's Presence," that wonderful phrase my good friend inspired me with only a week ago.

I am living in God's presence when I'm in His kingdom, a place governed by His rule. The kingdom of God is the place where everything that God wants done is done, all things working for good. It is a place where we can share in what God wants to do in the world. It is a place where life is eternal, starting

Dallas Willard, in his book The Divine Conspiracy: Rediscovering our hidden life in God, quotes a beautiful version of John 3:16:
"God's care for humanity was so great that he sent his unique Son among us, so that those who count on him might not lead a futile and failing existence, but have the undying life of God himself."

So what can I do to help build God's kingdom, making this world a better place today? How can I live fully within an eternal life, even when I lose a friend?

I could live each day as a gift, where even the smallest creative act counts. I could make some more notecards, I could blog, and - oh yes - in between I could and should get my laundry done :) I will put on some good music and place myself in the Kingdom. I will do something good and wash away the bad.


Anonymous said...

Hi Marja,its been a few years since I checked your blog but it seems timely today.I have just been mulling over a rift with a close friend, caused by my being a bit cutting with the truth that he needed to hear.
Then for some reason I found your blog and have these initial thoughts.Are you hiding behind "religous skirts" in your response. Would not Jesus come along side and try to heal the wounded friend or at least see where this hurt and painful response came from. This response allows you to grow also, making yourself vulnerable to rejection or abuse or some home truths also.
Getting down in the dirt where people, all of us, live and have our being is where God operates most powerfully,His grace and truth overcoming all obstacles.

My friend has been fuming for about 18 months and I had forgotten my cutting remarks.

regards Steve from Oz

Anonymous said...

I had said to him that he reminded me of one "Talkative" from Pilgrims Progress, a book he had not read.
He has been very cool with me ever since and until today I had forgotten what I had blithely said.

Great to see that you are blogging on strong Marja,you have helped me and others at varying times.

marja said...

Hi Steve,

Welcome back to my blog after such a long time. And thank you for your comment.

I was very careful to be sensitive to my friend's feelings when I wrote to her, pointing out all her good points. Unfortunately, there was no option. What I told her had to be said, for the good of a lot of people.

I will have to pray for her, that she finds peace with herself, with others, anf with God.

So good to hear from you.

By the way, have you thought of starting a Living Room support group out where you live?

Check out the website:

We need more Christian support for people with mood disorders.

Wellness Writer said...

Dear Marja,
So sorry you had your feelings hurt. It always feels bad...not matter who's to blame, doesn't it?


marja said...


I think my friend's feelings were hurt far more than mine. But you know, I think things may be getting ironed out between us. I hope so.


Anonymous said...

Yes I have given some thought but quickly extinguished by doubt and reservations of all kinds.
Committment and patience are not my strengths, even though I have empathy for those on the outer due to mental health or other stigma.

I am still seeking my calling after many years treading water.


marja said...

Hi Steve,

That's fine. Everyone has different gifts and I'm sure you have some that you may not even have discovered yet but that will one day bring you a sense of fulfillment.