Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Call me nuts

Today I'm listening to Christmas music while I'm baking. Call me nuts, but I think that's a perfectly okay thing to do.

At Christmas time everyone always talks about how we should celebrate Christmas every day. Why keep such a good thing reserved for only a few weeks of the year? Besides, maybe Christmas won't be so difficult to deal with if you celebrate it more often.

I've talked loads on this blog about how badly Christmas affects me. I think it's the stress of wanting to have everything perfect, yet being fearful of not reaching perfection. It's having expectations of yourself that are hard to achieve.

But if I started now, when it doesn't really matter a heck of a lot if things aren't perfect...Before all the craziness in the malls sets in...before the thick bundles of ads get dropped at our door...before the pressure of doing it all...right now is dumped on me?

So...I'm starting to celebrate Christmas now, even before you, my American friends, have had your Thanksgiving. Even before Haloween.

I'm calling the party I'm having on the 25th of this month a "Pre-Christmas Open House." And I don't feel pressure. I feel a great desire to make this a wonderful happy affair with people from various facets of my life coming together to mingle with each other and to look at all the photographic items I've been working so hard on. I so look forward to it.

And as I prepare I will play my Christmas music and celebrate. And I will keep celebrating for the next two months. Merry Christmas everyone!

Think I'm nuts?


Anonymous said...

I love it!! and I think it is a great idea, as I totally know what you mean about things getting so hectic during the Christmas season. In fact, I think I will put on my favorite Christmas CD, right now, too.

karen :)

shawnalyne said...

I love it! Christmas is hard for me, too, but I find if I start earlier and keep it simple, it's much better for everyone :)

Wellness Writer said...

Merry Christmas to you too. I think it's great you listen to Christmas music when you feel like it. Why not?

I think there's so much tension around the holidays that it would probably be wise to celebrate them when we feel like it, rather than when everyone else does.


mmaaggnnaa said...

Hey, Marja -

What a great attitude -- celebrating on your own terms -- giving yourself a new context.

Way to go!

- Marie (Coming Out of the Trees)

marja said...

Karen, Shawnalyne, Susan and Marie,


I didn't receive email notices of your comments coming in and only happened upon a report now that showed they were sitting here. For how long I don't know.

Thank you all. It's so good to know that there's others out there agreeing that starting Christmas celebrations early is a good idea. Perhaps we can desensitize ourselves a bit by doing that. Make the emotional aspects of it not affect us as much.