Monday, October 12, 2009

Creating with a purpose

I've almost finished all my photography projects for the open house coming up on October 25th. My next project is going to be baking for it. I'll start as soon as I have a spare hour or two (not in the next couple of days).

All this made me think...about something I've known for a long time: doing creative work is so much more fun when there's a reason for doing it, when there's a purpose for the work, a good purpose. And being a fundraiser for a church ministry gives it a very good purpose.

I don't normally bake much. Don't really enjoy it. It makes such a mess of the kitchen. But now, knowing what I'm doing it for, I'm eager to begin. Have started planning what recipes to use. I want to make lots of tarts, cookies and squares and freeze them. I've invited at least 100 people to the party and we'll need lots. I don't expect all the people I invited will come. Have no idea how many will, so I'll have to be prepared. There will be an exciting end purpose for all my preparations and that makes it fun. It energizes me.

And when I think of it, I would never have wanted to make all the cards and bookmarks if there were no reason for doing it. I would not have done all this work just because. So much more fun to have it all culminate in a big party with neighbours and friends from all the different facets of my life.

My 95 year old mother feels the same way. She has been crocheting baby afghans, one after another and only now that she has decided to donate them to the sale is she finding real joy in it. She now has a purpose for what she does. Everyone needs a reason for doing the things they do.

The party is less than two weeks away now. It's drawing closer every day. How I look forward to it!

This bookmark is one of the twenty or so designs I'll be selling.


Wellness Writer said...

Dear Marja,
Good for you! And yes I agree that doing things with a purpose is so much more satisfying than just doing them. And, it's so nice that your mother can participate in this as well!


More Than Conquerors said...


This bookmarks is lovely! I love all the bookmarks you are making. They are all so sweet. I am glad to know you are almost finished on all your photography projects and you have started on baking. You are truly very creative.

Yes, doing creative work is so much more fun when there's a reason for doing it, a good purpose. I too found it to be very meaningful and therapeutic. It's something we can look forward to each day as we work on these masterpieces :) And I am reminded that we are God's masterpieces too and He is daily doing a deeper work in us, a creative work :)

Hope all your creative works will be a blessing to many. Take care!

Praying for you,

marja said...


Thanks for your comment, Susan. Don't know when you wrote it, but it may have been here awhile. I'll explain in today's post.


marja said...

Hi Nancie,

God intended us to be creative, didn't he? We were made in His image, the Master Creator. There can't be much greater joy than what we find in creating.

Although I make notecards and framed prints as well, I have to say my greatest joy comes from making the bookmarks, marrying words with pictures. And you know what that's like.

Love and prayers,