Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Living Room recommended

My second post in one day. First time I've done that, but this is less personal in nature.

Yesterday I had a call from a therapist who wanted to know about Living Room, the faith-based support group I facilitate. He wants to send his Christian clients to us because so often they feel that being depressed means that they're bad Christians. They also don't want to take medication. Living Room is a Christian group that draws from the Bible and recognizes the medical nature of mood disorders.

This points out once more how important faith-based support is. I'm delighted that a health professional is recommending our group. Delighted and - the more this sinks in - enthused. I have much to be grateful for. And Living Room has given me nothing but joy.


Venice said...


i am not familiar about you support group but it sounds nice. i am also a bipolar from manila, philippines. i must admit that at one point in my life, i lost hope. i stopped believing then some time, my mother told me maybe its because i dont have faith... true enough, when i started praying and reading i started feeling a bit better, i started having hope. i guess it really is true, its important to also have faith and have something you believe in otherwise, youre lost.

i read this book, its called The Purpose Drive Life by Rick Warren, it helped me a lot. i wish we have some support groups here in my country too, i'd love to join one.

at the moment, i am not feeling better, i feel so depressed but i believe its just phase, i know i'll feel better soon but i guess not now.

oh by the way, i like the photos you have here on your blog. theyre really nice. it gives me this feel good feeling. i guess its the innocence of the subject, i wish i was just a kid again. not minding whats happening around you but you remain happy and unaffected. i wish i was like that...

Bipolar Writer said...

That's great news! Congratulations. This seems to be just what you've been looking for. Glad to hear about it. Also, thanks for your post of my blog!


marja said...

Thank you Venice and Susan.

Venice: I read The Purpose Driven Life as well. It's true, isn't it, that when you have purpose in life, the hard times don't hit quite as hard. There's more to be joyful about. I haven't always believed in God, but when I did my life became more meaningful.