Thursday, April 12, 2007

Love: the bread of life...and health

Psychiatrist Harold Koenig, in his book, New Light on Depression, wrote: "Love - unconditional love - is the ultimate long-term antidote for depression, for at its core love is connected with faith and hope."

I've liked that statement ever since I first read it. I have found out how important it is to have the love and support of my friends when I go through hard times. What I haven't always thought of is that giving love is just as important. It's when we give that we stop being victims. When we give we gather strength and renewed hope.

Love means everything to our well-being. It is the very food of life. We can withstand a lot if we know we are loved and prayed for. And if receiving love helps us survive, then giving love helps us thrive. The Bible says that God does not simply love us, he IS love. No wonder love is so important to us.

In his book, Soul Cravings, Erwin McManus writes: "Love is ever expanding. Love always grows, not just deeper, but wider. Love always loves people more and always loves more people. Love calls us to community; love calls us to humanity; love calls us to each other...It was no one less than Jesus who said the proof of God is found in our love for one another."


Sarah said...

love covers all wrongs.....
if only people would abide by that...

Syd said...


What a beautiful post. And so true. You have shared God's love in it's sincerest form with me this week. Thank you for your support. I look forward to sharing this journey with you.

Dream Writer said...

I love your inspirational writings. You truly are a breath of fresh air.

But I have to say something regarding Sarah's post..."Love Covers all Wrong"

It depends on the "Wrong." As Love is not Abuse.

Bipolar Wellness Writer said...

Because of your recommendation I've ordered the book. I agree about the importance of love. But I must admit that I personally have more difficulty with forgiveness!


marja said...

Thank you sarah, syd, dream, and Susan for your comments.

Susan: Forgiveness can be very difficult, but it's so healing when we are able to give it. It helps our mental health. I guess it's a spiritual thing. When we become fully aware of how much we are personally forgiven for by God, it becomes easier to forgive others.