Sunday, April 01, 2007

Good support

I've been feeling very subdued - spiritual - looking for something good, something creative to bring forth from the unbalanced times I'm going through. I want to learn from what I'm experiencing, something of value that I can share with others. This is all I feel up to right now. I don't feel I can or want to rush around and be busy as I normally am. I am afraid of getting busy, afraid I won't be able to handle it. So I putter, reading and writing.

I was looking through a wonderful book by David B. Biebel and Harold Koenig: New Light on Depression. In it the authors describe the best kind of ally a person with depression could have. This person would say in words and action:

"I love you, and there's nothing you could do or say that would change that. I am with you now, and I'll be with you as long as you need me. I believe in you. I know that your depression has placed a great chasm between the person you really are and the person you feel you are. But I will try to help you bridge that gap with love--mine and God's--for he loves you and believes in you too. We three are in this together--you, me, and God. And when this is over, together we'll find a way to use the pain to help others."

I am so fortunate to have an ally like that, a godly woman, a loving woman. She will be away for a long time, but we are keeping in touch - somewhat. And I thank God for her. And when I am stronger I hope I will be able to offer this kind of love to others.

Koenig and Biebel go on to say: "Love--unconditional love--is the ultimate long-term antidote for depression, for at its core love is connected with faith and hope."


bipolar_girl said...

you have always been there to uplift us with your powerful words when we're down. Honestly, it's people like you that brings the sun to shine in our lives. Thank you, Marja. I hope you're not so down at this time. take care

Dream Writer said...

Why don't you consider Painting? I am taking a painting class this coming Friday, I am so excited.

Knowing you and how you are...imagine painting beautiful paintings and then donate them to local hospitals or something.

Now that would be awesome!

Amateur Dancer said...

that is a beautiful quote. thank you for sharing.

it always means so much to me, the rare (very rare) occasion that a person asks to "learn" about my mental illness. and to educate themselves on ways that they can be there to help me in times of need.

and, further, to inspire me to remember that there is a greater purpose, a greater use, to His glory for all of this...

and, there is...the depressive side, specifically can mask that dream.

painting is a helpful outlet. watercolors are the easiest to start with.

just go to your local hobby lobby, walmart, something like that.

get a set of starter watercolor brushes, a spiral of watercolor paper (get kind of a big one, because you will end up wanting to paint bigger than you think).

and, pick either the pastel or the bright watercolors.

get a bowl of water, turn on a CD of music (sad or uplifting, whichever fits you that hour).

i turn it on LOUD...

dip your brush in whichever color fits you and paint a line or a circle and start painting the song.

just paint.

it does not have to be pretty.

just paint strokes of colors.

or dots.

by the end you will feel better.


marja said...

bipolar girl: Whether I'm up or down depends on the day you catch me. I've had some black days - hopeless days, and then some pretty good ones. It's weird. Wish my pdoc was in town.

dream writer and dancer: Thank you for encouraging me to try painting. I'm considering it seriously. It would be a great activity for my Living Room group as well. The collage building was well received by some of them.

dancer: Yes. It's that greater purpose for all the stuff we go through. If we can find that purpose and act on it, this illness would not be as painful to bear.

Thank you all for looking in on me.